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Based in Serbia, University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts, Department of new media arts, The city of Novi Sad. It is a nonprofit project that provides an international platform for video artist and short filmmakers as well as a platform for the production of New Media student video works. Its annual project for the past 9 years has been the international video and film festival (SHORTZ).


10th SHORTZ . will run in  January from 7PM at 17th to 19th, January 2020 at the Academy of Arts (MultiMedia Center) in Novi Sad.  Every year SHORTZ receives hundreds of submissions from video artists and short filmmakers from around the world from which its dedicated curatorial team develops its annual program.


The International Video and Film Festival introduces audiences to the most creative and innovative, daring and provocative video art and short films from around the world. SHORTZ embraces a boundary-expanding spectrum of work that also includes sound performances, installations, and creative workshops. The three-day festival features special programs which explore the intersections of these themes as expressed through videos and short films.


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